GoalTo give its participants relevant and actual work experience

What is a practice firm?

A practice firm (PF) is an employability and training measure simulating practically all of the commercial activities of a real business. Thus, a PF develops and markets a variety of products or services, and then carries out  transactions with thousands of its counterparts spread out around the world.

The commercial exchanges truly take place: the publicity material, purchase  orders, bills and even cheques circulate throughout the international  practice firms network. Everything conforms to reality except for the production and the delivery of the product, as well as the money used for the transactions, which remain fictitious.

The participants in a PF are job hunters (employability PFs) or students (pedagogical PFs). By carrying out their duties just as they would in a real business, under the supervision of qualified staff members, they can acquire concrete professional experience in a real office environment within an international trade context.

Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to develop their technical know-how, since part of their time is devoted to learning the most recent software programs and a second official language. Finally, around 25% of the PF’s  program involves job search activities, as the participants’ ultimate goal is to get back into the job market as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, a few weeks’ stay in a practice firm is like taking part in an on-the-job training period with a business, and receiving technical training, while profiting from a program geared to help job seekers search for employment!


Canadian Practice Firms Trade Fair 2014

Pratice firms

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